Caught the travel bug?  Us too.  We create travel guides for ladies who love adventures.

We are a group of friends based in Seattle, Washington (with one friend holding down the mountain region in Nevada) who decided that there was far too much world to see than what we were seeing sitting at our desks.  The 5 of us have made a habit out of escaping to our favorite cities together.  And it is awesome.

Our trips together began with the excuse of planning bachelorette party getaways, but now we’ve grown to love traveling together so much that we have incorporated our girlfriend getaways into our lives on a more frequent basis.  Through our travels together, we have gotten more and more savvy about planning, budgeting, and adventuring.  Now, we travel like it’s our job. Our kick-ass, pretend job.

Our mission with this site is to inspire others to make memories by traveling together.  We’ll show you how.



Director and Social Media Ninja /// Krista Welch

When she’s not photographing weddings or helping out at creativeLIVE, Krista is daydreaming about where to go next. She can attest that nothing helps a person survive a gloomy Seattle winter like an escape to someplace sunny.  A travel enthusiast, she feels strongly that the anticipation of the journey can be just as exciting as the destination itself.


Content Developer and Resident DJ /// Jen Dalley

Jen lives in Salt Lake City where she runs an architecture firm with her husband.  When she’s not designing new buildings, she’s taking pictures of old ones using plastic lens cameras or hanging with her pet chickens.  When traveling, you can find her at your local coffee shop, yoga studio, or most likely, laying by the pool.


Copy Editing Queen /// Abby Taylor

If there’s a kitchen where we’re going, you can find Abby in it. A semi-professional baker of cakes, pastries, and other goodies in her spare time, she’s right at home in a cloud of flour and powdered sugar. She’s also an avid quilter, because you can’t be awesome at only one grandma sport. During the week she manages a library of beautiful design materials at an architecture firm. Travel destinations include a walkable neighborhood or a pool with cocktail service!


Writer Extraordinaire and Assistant Editor /// Tracy Stendal

Tracy is an architect living in the beautiful city of Seattle with her husband.  She has been constantly planning her next vacation ever since she studied abroad in Copenhagen and fell in love with the sound of strange languages and cobblestones under her feet.  She has excellent taste in music and hopes to incorporate more sketching in her future.


Contributing Writer /// Kendra Bishop

Since she’s behind a Seattle Pharmacy counter and on her feet most of the day, Kendra knows how to maximize relaxation time when jetting off to sunnier altitudes. When traveling, she misses her beloved dog Minnie, so she’s probably making friends with your local pooch.