5 Ways to Celebrate a Sunny Seattle Day

When the sun shines on Seattle, it's time to get outside and enjoy all of beauty surrounding us.  Here are some of our favorite ways to bask in it's glory.

Sunset at the Seattle Sculpture Park
Sunset at the Seattle Sculpture Park

1. Take in some art at the Olympic Sculpture Park.

This park is newly opened on the waterfront and is beautifully curated to feature pieces that balance perfectly with the surrounding nature and city views.  Start at the entrance at Western Ave and Broad St and make your way down the zig zag path toward the water.  This is a great place to watch the sunset.

2. Browse a neighborhood farmer’s market .

We have a great tradition of farmer’s markets in Seattle.  Almost every 'hood has one, from Queen Anne to Capitol Hill.  The wares range from fresh local produce, fish and meat, flowers, clothing and crafts.  You are also bound to stumble upon a talented busker.  Maybe we’re biased, but our favorites are the Ballard and Fremont Sunday Markets.  Of course, don’t miss the Pike Place Market, but that’s a given right?

3. Have a picnic in the park: we love our parks, and we love picnics.

  • Check out the conservatory and and the surrounding beautiful stately homes at Volunteer Park in Capitol hill .
  • Take in the spectacular views of the Olympics at Myrtle Edwards Park on the downtown waterfront, a favorite of joggers and bicyclists.
  • Fly a kite and admire the ruins of an obsolete gasification plant at Gasworks on the north side of Lake Union near Wallingford.
  • Head up to Green Lake and lounge on the grass.  There is a great paved path around the perimeter of the lake that measures about 3 miles, perfect for a little scenic walk after your feast.

4. Get some drinks at sidewalk cafe or outdoor patio.

Even though it rains much of the year here, we will not give up on our sidewalk cafes and outdoor patios.  You can really find them everywhere.  Have a few drinks and watch giddy Seattleites packing the boulevards.  Our favorites are the Matador and Ray’s in Ballard, Tacos Guayamas in Green Lake and the back courtyard at Oddfellows on Capitol Hill.  If you are downtown the Virginia Inn and Lola have excellent food and are in good spots for people watching.

5. Head to the beach.

Alki Beach in West Seattle is the hotspot for soaking in the sun rays on a warm day.  It has a boardwalk where you can see and be seen, as well as lots of close restaurants and bars.  Golden Gardens in Ballard is a little more isolated, but it is just as popular.  Watch out or you might find yourself looped into to family barbeque, a game of frisbee or a twilight drum circle.