What To Wear In Vegas: An Ode to Forever 21


If you are like us, you don’t go to Las Vegas to stare vacantly at slot machines and crowd around game tables. Admit it. You go to Las Vegas to get all dressed up. However, you are not the sort of lady to step out in a tight bandage dress which barely covers your behind. You do not feel the need to flaunt over-the-top cleavage. This is not your style, and we agree with you. I mean, just think about it. Any reasonably attractive ladies will get a fair amount of attention in Las Vegas. Do you want to make it worse? Remember, the most flattering outfit accentuates your lovely features, but leaves a little to the imagination. Trust us.

Pack your favorite pair of skinny jeans, maybe a sparkly tank top and a sheer, flowy blouse. Bring along those high heels, but also grab some shiny sandals or flat peep-toes. They don’t take up much room in your bag, and your feet will love a break.  A fancy sparkly break. Get yourself a fabulous clutch and some statement accessories. This is a great way to stand out in the sea of short skirts and tube tops while maintaining your dignity. For some more ideas check out our What to Wear in Vegas Pinterest Board

It never fails though; you will get to Las Vegas and wish you brought something else to wear. Somehow it is hard to get in the Vegas spirit while packing to the sound of rain hitting your windows. Never fear though! Forever 21 can help! There is one in the Fashion Show mall which can help you find the perfect dress and maybe even a bright belt for less than $30. Save that money for some delicious cocktails later.  Go in with a plan though, because before you know it two hours of precious pool lounging/drinking time has evaporated.

Lastly, whatever you do, DO NOT be one of those girls who takes off her heels and walks through the casino barefoot at the end of the night. You cannot let the shoes win.

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