todos santos city guide

A bohemian artist town within minutes to some of Mexico's most amazing unspoiled beaches.

Why We Love Todos Santos:

The warm weather, the creative vibe, the friendly folks. Did we mention the GORGEOUS beaches nearby this cute coastal town?

When To Visit:

Located near the Tropic of Cancer, the temperatures are lovely year round. If you love the mid-80s, stick to fall and early summer months. When July hits the temperatures rise into the 90s. August and September can be the some of the most hot and humid months and precipitation is common at this time.


Located near the Tropic of Cancer, the temperatures are lovely year round. If you love the mid-80s, stick to fall and early summer months. When July hits the temperatures rise into the 90s. August and September can be the some of the most hot and humid months and precipitation is common at this time.


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  • TACOS! Taqueria El Parguito: Look for the small stand with a surfboard sign. You’ve just found the ultimate fish and shrimp tacos.
  • More TACOS! Tacos Barajas: Get the carnitas.
  • Even MORE TACOS! Boyitacos: Carne asada and chicken.
  • Landi’s: Dine on authentic Mexican food located in an intimate courtyard of the Todos Santos Inn.
  • EL Zaguan: Fresh ingredients including fish and shrimp dishes make up this casual sidewalk restaurant. Located on a somewhat touristy thoroughfare which makes for great people watching.
  • La Casita: Pick a couples of tapas and sushi dishes to share or let Chef-owner Sergio suggest items for you. Fresh fish and shrimp in a great atmosphere.
  • Pizza Napoli’s: This is the go to place if you need a pizza. Which really, who doesn't? Thin crust. Try the Margherita.
  • Neveria Rocco: Located on a side street in a particularly charming area made up of traditional stucco buildings, this small walk in shop offers fruit bars and ice cream. We recommend the watermelon fruit bar. Enjoy it quickly before it becomes a (still very delicious) mess as you continue to wander the streets of Todos Santos.
  • The Restaurant at Rancho Pescadero: Chef Bueno (yes, seriously) arranges his dishes based on fresh local seafood and fruits and vegetables grown in the Rancho Pescadero onsite garden. Everything is beautifully presented and super tasty. Plus, you’re basically dining in paradise. There are multiple dining areas: by the pool, on the main level and our favorite, the intimate upper terrace dining area which has a killer view out to the ocean.
Rancho Pescadero

Rancho Pescadero


  • If you like drinking yummy cocktails while watching the sunset, then A) you are instantly our friend and B) the Sky Bar at Guaycura Hotel is the place for you.
  • La Distilleria: serves artisanal beer from Baja in cool space offering tons of outdoor covered seating. Other specialties include house branded tequila and wine.
  • Bar La Copa: Located in the Todos Santos Inn Hotel, a warm leather filled interior beckons you in on cooler nights and the candlelit patio is perfect for warmer summer evenings.
  • Need a beer in a laid back casual setting? Head to the Bob Marlin Bar during happy hour at their main street location.
  • Baja Beans: There’s no better place in Todos Santos for a caffeine fix. Straight from the horse’s mouth: “We import green coffee beans, harvested from a family-owned and operated farm in the Sierra Norte of Puebla, Mexico. We roast in our 1980 vintage Probat L12 coffee roaster and serve lattes, cappuccinos and Americanos on our Synesso 3 group from Seattle” Sounds good, riiiight?
  • Café Todos Santos: Do you need a delicious coffee? How about a delicious coffee AND a delicious pastry or other baked item? Go here immediately. A fantastically worn structure with exterior walls covered with vegetation and interior walls covered with works from local artists. There are multiple dining areas to choose from including a side street cafe, an indoor space and a courtyard area. If you need a full meal, they also serve large portions of deli sandwiches, salads and soups.


  • Rancho Pescadero: THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE. Located about 20 minutes from Todos Santos, and 2 minutes from the beach. “Oh, welcome to Rancho Pescadero, here is a margarita and some guacamole.” ! “What time would you like your coffee or tea served to your room in the morning?” !! “You like yoga? Well we have daily morning yoga classes in our separate yoga building just a few steps away from your room.” !!! “Oh, you want to roast marshmallows in a fire pit down by the beach at sunset? Sure, we'll just prepare that for you... don't lift a finger!" Seriously people, this is the stuff dreams are made of. Simple, indigenous Mexico design with a contemporary flare. Private covered decks off your room for lounging with that cup of coffee in the morning or watching the sun set over the palm tree orchard planted as a buffer between you and the ocean. The food: amazing. The drinks: fantastic. The pool: hard to leave. Welcome to paradise.
  • Hotel Casa Tota: A beautifully simple, contemporary design within a classic brick building sets the cool vibe in this 15 room boutique hotel which also has a pool, roof deck, jacuzzi and hammock lounge. If you want to stay in town, this place is A+. Just read the FAQ page and tell us you don’t want to know these witty, hilarious and big-hearted people.
  • Hotel Guaycura: Since the mid-nineteenth century this gorgeous historic building has transitioned from a home to a school to a post office to a police station. It now houses cozy and charming guest rooms, an art gallery, an on-site restaurant and bar, swimming pool and spa. The rooftop terrace is lovely with arguably the best views of the city extending out beyond rows of palm trees and into the ocean.


  • Eat your way through the town by going on a self guided taco tour. Start with the taco places recommended in the EAT section above and add on anytime you see a street cart.
  1. Eat taco.
  2. Walk around and admire the cute town.
  3. Repeat.
  • Whale watching - From November to March you can see Gray and Humpback whales.
  • Sea Turtle Hatching Releasing - From October to March you can release baby turtles into the Pacific Ocean after they have hatched. WHAT! Yep, you read that right. You can RELEASE BABY TURTLES INTO THE OCEAN. Talk about a magical experience.